28 augustus 2011

More experiences with my new Alterra seat

After riding my Dynamik Pro some tens of miles with the Alterra seat, I found it desirable to improve the seating comfort by gluing a second layer of 13 mm (0.5 inch) thick ibilite foam on the seat (not 18 mm as I erroneously mentioned in my previous post on this subject). This did not quite come as a surprise because the classic CF-bike seat on my Dynamik Pro also has 2 layers of 13 mm ibilite foam.

Thus I could fine-tune the seat by varying its forward inclination, and after a few adjustments I have it now at a downward slope of 12ยบ. This is much more horizontal than I have used on both Cruz and Dynamik Pro classic CF-bike seats!

The comfort as I could judge today during a 20-miles ride, is excellent, and better than I could attain thus far with my classic CF-bike seats. The narrow Alterra seat does not interfere with the pedal stroke and my buttocks muscles can be exercised more freely without recumbent butt!

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